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Welcome to Grewnagency

Grewnagency is a leading International Education Agency in Nigeria with over 5 years of professional student placement and visa counseling service experience representing and placing students into  Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHD degree Programs at top and world ranked institutions around the world mainly in Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine, and China.


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If you are planning to REGISTER and/or take CLASSES for any of the following exams, we are available for you.


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We work with you to create a college application counseling process that puts your goals and dreams first and empowers you to find the best path at your top choice.

Intellectual Development

We give special attention to your intellectual development. We have special classes just to make you smarter

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We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum is developed to encourage new ideas.

Global Education

We believe that education should have a global reach that is why we make you ready for the world.

Highly Respected Degree

We offer highly respected degrees that is accepted by over 1000000 colleges from all around the world.

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Below is what our students have to say about us.

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